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Power Outage And ADT Home Security

What happens when your house loses power?

Standard Power Outage

A wired home security system from ADT loses power during a power outage, but keeps working thanks to backup batteries. The motion sensors and magnetic contacts are wireless and always run on battery power, but your control panel will require backup power to stay in contact with the sensors, and to signal an alarm to the monitoring center if need be.

According to ADT’s website, the backup power will protect your home for several hours. If the backup battery is running low, a low-battery signal will be sent to the monitoring center. When the power goes out, most ADT systems send an alert to the monitoring center as well, so they know the situation and understand that you are running on backup power.

Most backup batteries will last anywhere from 12 to 20 hours. If you want to be cautious, or anticipate a blackout due to a heat wave, hurricane or other natural disaster, buy yourself extra backup batteries. Make sure you get the correct type of backup battery. As long as you keep a live backup battery in the control panel, your alarm system should continue to protect you.

Worst Case Scenario: Blackout

The average power outage lasts only a few hours, so if the lights go out during a thunderstorm, just sit tight and wait for the power to kick back on. But when a natural or man-made disaster strikes, what should you expect?

Typically, your home system connects to ADT’s nearest Monitoring Center. Every ADT Customer Monitoring Center, according to their website, is “backed by powerful equipment with secure communications links.” Thus, if a Monitoring Center loses power it will operate on backup generators or another system for as long as possible.

If the ADT Monitoring Center does lose power due to adverse conditions, however, you can still rest easy because the Centers are connected to one another. Thus, the nearest Monitoring Center that still has power will take over monitoring your home.

That said, if a mega disaster strikes and the local ADT Monitoring Centers lose power, the center that picks up your house will be picking up all your neighbors’ houses as well, so expect them to be heavily burdened.

If these power outages have been lasting for days, the hurricane has finally passed, and the ADT Center the next state over is taking care of monitoring yours and everyone else’s houses, you can start to get worried. But if it comes to that, you may well be concerning yourself with the problems of flooding, looting and evacuation, rather than a common thief looking for an easy-target LCD TV.